Build your data warehouse in minutes,
not months!

Alexandria is an ELT tool for efficient data teams to develop and manage data pipelines, build and orchestrate views and tables. Free for 14 days!

Building a data warehouse feels light years away

You have countless data sources. Teams change software like they change clothes and your data pipelines to-do list just grows.

Engineers are responsible for data pipelines, but they are too focused on product development and you are still waiting for your one and only request.

You feel more like a pipeline plumber than an actual data engineer. We know that 50% of your time is pure maintenance of old data pipelines. Isn't it? No need to hide it.

Alexandria simplifies the data warehouse development and maintenance in 3 steps

Extract data from all data sources in a few clicks

Alexandria offers over 30 plug and play connectors. Extract data from relational or non-relational data bases, CRMs, mail marketing tools, ERPs, customer support software and much more!

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Low-code data orchestration and modeling

Choose the time and frequency for each job without writing a single line of code. Explore data with SQL and build views, materialized views or tables to get the best of a medallion architecture in your Data Warehouse.

Data observability from day 1

Check logs, daily active rows and data pipelines' statuses effortlessly. Alexandria allows you to monitor a job's success or failure before C-level executives notice any issues on the dashboard.



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